Wednesday, October 18 - 5pm CET

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Unveiling Our 2023 Research Live

Introducing What's Working? Navigating the AI Revolution and the Shifting Future of Work. Our fourth annual global workforce study asks workers across the globe about their perspectives on key topics impacting the world of work.

This year's report encapsulates an array of different topics at the forefront of leaders' minds. 30,000 workers from 23 countries across the globe spoke with us about Generative AI, holistic wellbeing, burnout and the changing skills landscape.

The future of work is changing -- and fast. Our research provides actionable insights for leaders and organisations to build a future-ready workforce and drive transformation in the ever-changing landscape.

Our Insights at a Glance


Of workers believe the impact of AI on their job will be positive.


Of workers are currently using Generative AI at work.


of workers think the human touch is still more influential at work than AI.